Konya Science Center

Konya Science Center is designed to be a center which will promote scientific research and the development of scientists’ future with its equipment and features. In addition to its Main Building which has many open and closed exhibition halls, the center has a Planetarium and an Observatory Tower as well, which makes it unique and one of its kind in Turkey. The roof of the Main Building, with a diameter of 110 m and a height of 30 m, covers the concrete structure below like an umbrella without  the requirement for any supporting columns. The single layer lattice shell structure, which is used to form the roof, increases the quality of the building and thus adds an aesthetic view to it. The Planetarium dome is also designed to be formed by a geodesic single layer lattice shell structure like the roof of the Main Building. The most significant feature of this structure is its Icosa Systems® Connection Detail which has been developed by Endeco as a result of R&D studies. Please visit www.icosasystems.com.tr  for further information and more of their projects.