Austria : Innovation in biogas tanks

Interdisciplinary pilot project to develop a liquid and gas-tight biogas tank using a new construction method.

The resulting prototype is cheaper to produce and the concrete is of better quality than conventional biogas tanks. Its use of a sealing system used in tunnel construction, a new ecologically-friendly binding agent, a standardized industrial manufacturing system, and a new transport and assembly concept make this pilot project sustainable and innovative. The prototype represents an important contribution to achieving a sustainable energy supply by increasing energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy sources, and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Production costs for the new biogas tank will be around 20% lower than existing containers. The jury of the 2008 Austrian State Prize for Consulting recognized that this project will contribute to the development of biogas technology in Austria, also considering the biogas potential in other countries of Eastern and Southern Europe.

Fritsch-Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH