Hungary: Ferihegy Airport extension

At the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, two runways, taxiways, traffic and technical aprons, plus the majority of the service facilities, have been built from designs by UVATERV Engineering Consultants Ltd.

The company participated in the reconstruction of Terminal T1 and the construction of terminals 2A and 2B, as well as in the extension and development of these facilities. Besides its activity of designing motorways, public roads, bridges, tunnels, metro lines, railways etc. UVATERV Engineering Consultants Ltd. has regularly been involved in airport design and modernization projects, for more than 60 years. It has taken a decisive role in the design of military (NATO) airports in Hungary and in other projects related to the completion of civil, military and hospital heliports as well. One of the most successful export projects was the design of two civil airports and five military airports in Algeria.