Yenikapi Recreation And Event Area is designed in an area of 673.000 m2. The Project is designed to get city dwellers to clean air and be close to the coast.  The area is planned which recreation, entertainment, concerts, festivals, meetings, etc. to be used for purposes.

The Project is designed about hardscape (168.000 m2) and softscape (355.000 m2) divisions. 4.950 trees and 5.050 shrubs are used in the project. 14.000 m2 of the Yenikapi Recreation And Event Area is including sports range (basketball, volleyball, tennis, football) and fitness range, skate park, traffic pratice area and 45.000 m2 of the area is car parking (1087 cars, 47 buses and 64 handicapped cars parks). In addition, the parking area has parkours of bicycle and running, walking lines, picnic area, cafes, offices, security and kiosk.

Employer: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Contractor: Mescioglu Engineering and Consultancy Corporation