Bata Silo in Zlín

During 2014, a challenging remodelling process to change the function of the former grain silo to the modern Centre of Strategic Services for NWT Company was running.

The cast-in-place construction of the grain silos dated back to 1938 has been replaced with airy, glazed offices, a modern data centre and other NWT spaces during the last year. The original exterior appearance of the building remained largely preserved while a new modern concept of the entrance and foyer areas has become the building´s most distinctive feature.

It was the client´s intent to accommodate several company units and subsidiaries, previously operated as autonomous units, into one building. Now the building houses the centre of shared services and repair centre of hi-tech products as well as the development centre of specialized IS/ICT, data centre and other auxiliary units.

Remodelling of the neglected building was motivated by bringing the NWT business units spread out in several locations into a single place. Great advantage of the silo building is an extensive floor area of 8200 m2 within an enclosed volume of only 1400 m2.

Another major advantage of the property is an easy reach with all types of traffic. The property has a direct traffic connection via an arterial road to the highway network. There is a train stop located in close proximity to the building offering railway connection to the capital city of the Czech Republic.  The employees may use a cycle paths passing by the building.

A challenging alteration of the building function and overall upgrading of the Bata-style grain silo building  advanced among the best 30 projects in the “Building of the Year” national competition .

Building history:
The grain silo was built in 1938 by the construction department of the Bata Company.
Structural system of the building was based on the innovative Bata grid module of 6.15m x 6.15m. The building purpose was reflected in the interior layout scheme divided into several silos. The building had undergone partial adaptations for different purposes shortly after WWII. Nevertheless, it has become increasingly difficult for the property owners to find further use for the building during the 1990s. Finally, NWT bought the property with a bold vision for an extensive and complex refurbishment of the premises. Change in the building´s purpose of use has been completed during a year, namely from January to December 2014, when the project successfully passed the final building audit and received the certificate of occupancy.

Location: Zlín, Czech Republic
Year of completion: 2014
Design office: CENTROPROJEKT GROUP a.s.