The scientific and research centre in biomedicine and applications operates specialized cleanrooms focused on tissue engineering (cell transplants and modern therapy), allogenic production, preparation of nanofiber carriers and external sampling.

These specialized rooms include primarily production facilities for the preparation of cell therapy products and laboratories used for the oncology research, focused on improvements in the prevention and treatment of tumour diseases.

Main technical data:
Total floor area:  6 500 m2, of which 3 050 m2 occupied by laboratory and production rooms
1 400 m2 occupied by cGMP-conformant clean rooms.
The other rooms include operating theatres, office and conference rooms, storage and auxiliary rooms, plant rooms for water/medicinal gas/air treatment systems.

Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic
Client: PrimeCell Therapeutics a.s.
Year of completion: 2014
Design office: CENTROPROJEKT GROUP a.s.