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Currently the EFCA membership comprises 28 national associations from 28 European countries.
The members' rules of professional conduct comply with the EFCA Code of Conduct (PDF)

More information on Engineering Consultancy Services

The EFCA affiliated firms offer a comprehensive range of independent consultancy services, including the evaluation of the requirements of a project, investigation of engineering and economic feasibility and design and supervision.

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  • STD Sector Review - the Swedish Association of Architects and Consulting Engineers publishes an annual detailed sector survey and market review on the Swedish Consulting Engineering and Architectural groups, as well as an international outlook. 

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I. Membership

Applicants for Full Membership may be Associations or Societies or other corporate bodies located in the European Community, EFTA countries or in countries which are engaged in formal negotiations with regard to membership of the European Union or EFTA, which agree in their application for membership to abide by the Rules of the Association and which meet the following required characteristics :

The applicant's purposes, as formally stated in its Charter, By-laws, Articles of Incorporation or any other document controlling its organisation, must comply with the requirements of the Charter, Rules of Procedure and Code of Conduct established by the Association.

Applications for membership must be in writing and must be accompanied by:

  • a copy of the applicant's Charter, Statutes or Act of Establishment, together with a report of its activities and, if available, latest annual report, list of members and other relevant information for submission to the General Assembly for consideration;
  • statements from existing members which originate from the same country as the applicant, if relevant.

II. Admission

The decision of the General Assembly on a membership application shall be communicated to the applicant in writing.

In the case of a successful application, the decision of the General Assembly shall be communicated in writing by the Secretary-General to the other members of the Association with details of the new Member.

(Extract from EFCA's Rules of Procedure)