Upcoming Conferences & Seminars

Event Date/Time Place
EFCA BoD meeting 26/04/2019 Brussels
EFCA Barometer TG 02/05/2019 Brussels
EFCA Sustainable Development Committee 06/05/2019 Brussels
EFCA BoD meeting 09/05/2019 Dublin
EFCA GAM & Conference 2019 10/05/2019 Dublin (9-10/05/19)
EFCA European External Aid Committee 05/06/2019 Brussels
EFCA BIM Task Force 11/06/2019 Brussels
EFCA BoD meeting 20/09/2019 TBD
EFCA Internal Market Committee 26/09/2019 Brussels
EFCA D&S meeting 08/11/2019 Vienna
EFCA BoD meeting 22/11/2019 Paris (TBC)
EFCA BoD meeting 21/02/2020 TBD

Members' Projects

Drugstore Publicis building, Paris – creativity & imagination
Drugstore Publicis, a Parisian landmark located on the prestigious Champs Elysées, was in need of renovation. The challenge was to render the façade more contemporary, reconnecting the building to its bustling surroundings, while retaining its personality and the prestige of the original design.