Join the EFCA-SIDiR Decision Game   

The EFCA YP Steering Committee is cooking up something nice for the YPs attending the upcoming Warsaw conference: an alternate reality game to save the engineering world from an evil schemer's plans!

As you may have read in the first 2014 YP Newsletter, the EFCA YP steering committee was very busy with something new and special for this year’s annual events in Warsaw, most notably the development of an interactive game for all YP conference participants.

The game is an "alternate reality" one, and it is primarily aimed at giving players a new perspective on the many different aspects of risk-taking in engineering consultancy.

Alternate Reality Games are part of a cross-media genre of interactive fiction using multiple delivery and communications media. The game is typically comprising a secret group of puppet masters that manipulate or otherwise control the plot, related scenarios, and puzzles. The players, who act as a ‘collective detective’, attempt to solve the puzzles and advance the course of the story.

All YPs who register for the Warsaw events will automatically receive an e-mail about 2 weeks before the conference, indicating the start of the game!

The EFCA YP Steering Committee is looking forward to welcoming you!

Read more about the Decision Game in this digital flyer.