EFCA Committees support the interests of European engineering consultancy firms   

At the occasion of the 2012 EFCA General Assembly meeting, the Chairs of the working groups convincingly demonstrated their ongoing commitment to progress better market conditions.

The European Consulting Future Committee set the tone: it not only produced the publication “Taking hold of our future”, a briefing paper to give food for thought to firms coming to terms with the changing environment and guidance in identifying where future opportunities lie for the business, but also provided the source of inspiration to the 2012 conference in Lisbon.


The Internal Market Committee elaborated extensive briefing material on the proposed reforms of European public procurement law. It also engaged in work on a series of the Single Market initiatives to remove barriers and simplify life for businesses.


The European External Aid Committee continues to conveying the industry’s views and concern on EU development aid policies and implementation to the European Commission. It is now working on specific recommendations for the ongoing review of the PRAG (Practical Guide to contract procedures for EU external actions).


The two joint FIDIC – EFCA Committees, namely Risk Management & Liability and Sustainable Development, are addressing both European and global issues to ensure clear roles for our firms and greater awareness of the industry’s position in shaping the built and natural environment.


Finally, to reinforce the federation’s voice and its advocacy work, three groups support the overall communications to both enhance the acknowledgment of the economic importance of the industry and to provide an accurate picture of the business.