EFCA RSS feeds

How to subscribe to the EFCA RSS feeds in Outlook?

In Outlook click on “Tools” in the top bar and subsequently on “Account settings”.
In the “Account settings” click the “RSS Feed” tab and then click “New”.
A new window will ask you to enter the location of the RSS feed you want to add and there you copy the following link :
http://www.efcanet.org/Home/tabid/920/moduleid/2017/RSS.aspx and click OK again. A new window will pop up with the name of the feed (= Efca) and give several other options such as to automatically download attachments. Once your choice is made, click OK.
Left from the “RSS Feeds” folder you will now see a “plus sign”. Click on the plus sign and the Efca feeds will appear.

How to subscribe to the EFCA RSS feeds in Internet Explorer?

From the home page on the EFCA website, click the RSS Feed button on the right hand side from the section “Latest News”.
A new window will open with the RSS feeds already posted. At the top of this page you will see a yellow rectangle in which you click on “Subscribe to this feed”.
A new window will pop up suggesting to call these feeds “Efca” and to create the feeds in the “Feeds” folder. Click the “Subscribe” now.
You can now access the EFCA feeds by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + G” or from the IE menu bar go to “views”, then to “Explorer bars” and finally to “Feeds”.