Future Leaders Steering Committee

Future Leaders activities are led by a Chair, Vice-Chair and a Steering Committee of members from different countries, who all work together so that FLs in the consulting industry in Europe can more readily share ideas and issues.


Riitta Kujala (SKOL)


Filip Zinkiewicz (SIDiR)

Liaison with the Board of Directors

Marcin Mikulewicz (SIDiR)


Vanja Marijanski (ACES)
Batuhan Bostanci (ATCEA)
Serhat Karaca (ATCEA)

Lyubomir Petrov (BACEA)
Ondřej Budík (CACE)

Katrine Moshage (FRI)
Nanna Reuther (FRI)

Jorian Wals (NLIngenieurs)
Saber Samee (RIF)
Grzegorz Piskorz (SIDiR)
Juuso Virtanen (SKOL)
Peter Reiss (VBI)