EFCA 2019 Liability and Insurance Booklet

Fact-finding report on consulting engineers’ liability and insurance requirements across Europe

The liabilities facing consulting engineers across European countries are as diverse and varied as the national legislative frameworks and insurance market practices.

The information contained in the fully updated third edition of the EFCA Booklet ‘Comparative study about consulting engineers’ liability and insurance requirements across Europe’ reflects the current situation in various European countries.

The EFCA Booklet presents a country-wise analysis of contributions received from the national associations of 20 countries during a survey conducted in 2018 and a final consultation process that took place in early 2019.

Since the fields of law and practice covered in the report are subject to continuous evolution, the publication is to be considered as a first introduction only.

Ulla Sassarsson, EFCA liaison in the FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) Risk and Quality Committee coordinated the preparation of the EFCA Booklet, which examines the applicable law on liability and national legal frameworks, national contract laws, as well as insurance rules and market conditions in a single compact document.

  • 17 October 2019