Digitalisation & BIM Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To consider the initiatives of CEN/TC 442 and related institutions like the EU, European Commission, European Parliament and other European and international organisations on BIM or related issues.
  • To organize the follow up of EFCA contribution as liaison to CEN/TC 442, and to other potential related Technical Committees.
  • To contribute to the promotion of an Open BIM, having in view smart building, buildings, constructions and cities.
  • To monitor EFCA contributions to TC/442 work or other TC for the consulting engineering industry to obtain standardization in line with its own requirements, especially:
    • To control and monitor the way and the tools to exchange information in BIM
    • To consider Open BIM not as a competition, but as a route to elaborate the best way to communicate and to increase the exchange processes productivity


Joseph Ickmans (ORI) (since November 2020)


Veljko Janjic (ACES)

Liaison with the Board of Directors



Boban Djordjevic (ACES)
Serhan Bakır (ATCEA)
Julien Mercier (CINOV)
Stig Brinck (FRI)
Ioannis Ladopoulos (HELLASCO)
Jugal Makwana (Koninklijke NLingenieurs)
Ingrid Alvsaker (RIF)
Krzysztof Wojslaw (RIF)

Maciej Kindler (SIDiR)
Tomasz Owerko (SIDiR)
Jorge Torrico (TECNIBERIA)
Maximilian Grauvogl (VBI)

Future Leaders

Tuğçe Bakirel (ATCEA)
Defne Doğu (ATCEA)

Serhat Kaş (ATCEA)

Corresponding Members

Aonghus O’Keeffe (ACEI)
Inge Ebbensgaard (FRI)
Carlita Vis (Koninklijke NLingenieurs)
Daniel Zignale (OAI)
Matthias Braun (VBI)